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I’m just a thief

who steal glances

to memorise your smile

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In Our Universe

You were the sun

to my earth but now

I see you’re just the moon

that reflects my shine

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You are

The dream that eludes my memories upon waking

The split-second train of thoughts I can never come back to


Perhaps you are

That lover from a forgotten lifetime

Or the one I’d live for in my next life


And just like

The moment of truth we unknowingly let slip

You will always be

My best “I’ll never know” and favorite “what if”


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It’s not how

I sat idly by

as you drift away

with someone new


It was how I got caught off guard by your smile

and let myself fall


– My first and worst regret

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Dear Morpheus,

would you be so kind

and let him not haunt

my dreams because I’m

getting restless and

truth be told when

I see his grin

my heart dance

to the tune

of a long forgotten

melody and I can’t

risk falling even

further down

this slippery bank

(even now, I’m already in too deep) 

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Love is…

nothing but a pretty word from someone who would eventually cease to mean anything.




(and yet we crawl and dig and curse and hurt and kill for it. Still)