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All In

Elsa Bloodstone, in all her glory during a massacre of monsters, is a sight to behold. Beautiful, deadly, and cocksure, the sight of her alone is enough to bring even the strongest to her knees. John Constantine is one of those lucky ones, who had bear witness to her baneful allure and worshipped her for it on their private altar afterwards. 

But tonight, well, tonight he’s not there to witness her becoming the personification of Lady Death, sending each and every one of her adversaries to Hela’s arms. 

So when she’s the only one left standing in a mountain of carcasses, she had no one to share the pack of Silk Cut he had accidentally left on her coat pocket and the breathtaking view of a sky full of stars with.

“Should’ve known it was only a matter of time,” she mutters to herself as she take a long drag. “Should’ve known it won’t be long until this is the only way I could taste your lips and I’m back to talking to myself because you weren’t here.”

In hindsight, she have to admit they were foolish. Too drunk in wishful thinking, so assured things were going on the right direction for once and their ship would sail just fine. They will be fine. So they worried about other things instead of the practical thing they should’ve considered about before they took even one small step. 

Because now things are going FUBAR again, and he has gone off the radar once more, and she, admittedly, is scared out of her wits that the worst case scenario has happened. 

“Have you left me for good this time, Johnny boy?”

He’d probably gather enough audacity to flick a Silk Cut at her for thinking that out loud, and she can’t help but chuckle at the mental image. But then again… 

“Can you blame me though?” she inquires the silent night, letting the smoke envelop her the way his hug used to. “I know, for sure, that’s the one thing you’d leave me for if you have to. And you were thinking about it too, on your way to my place then. So with the way things are going right now… Can’t you understand, why I’m worried?”

And yeah, this radio silence only feeds to her gnawing doubt, and last night’s accident with his ex (in which one of his dead exes comes back as a half-ghoul to haunt her. Not a big deal, she casted it away with little to no effort) doesn’t help quelling her fears at all. 

Now, surrounded with nothing but dead bodies and vast empty land, the loneliness is choking her. She want nothing more but to see him, now. She just needs to know he’s alright and talk to him about everything. So they can concord a battle plan, to make sure they’ll come out of this with a victory worth fighting for. 

For she still wants the same thing. After all this time, after all that happened, she still want the same thing. 

“I want us,” she whispers like a forbidden prayer. “And I’ll wait, Johnny boy, for you. 

“It’s a long wait, it won’t be easy, but I’m willing to bet my everything on you. On us.”

“So, I’m asking you,” she pleads, though she knows she’s talking to no one but herself, “Don’t give up on us.”

“Do whatever you need to do, take all those steps of necessary evils you have to, keep our distance until the storm settled if there’s no other choice. As long as it can stop things from going down the drain, I’m game.”

And for once, Elsa Bloodstone does not look at the sky in defiance. For once, she wishes to whatever higher being up there to listen to her boon. “Just promise me you’ll come back to me after it’s all said and done.”

“I’m betting everything on you, so just don’t leave me,” she let a tear drop fall, staining the splatter of her enemies’ blood on her cheeks. “Because I’m still waiting for you.”





À la mort,

Prompt: Royal Pirates – Betting Everything (English Version).
“I’m gonna hold on, I don’t wanna give you up. I’m betting everything that I’ve got on you and me.”



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