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Doors Down

The thing is, Elsa Bloodstone was built to be a one woman army who had no room for mistakes or even the slightest crack of weakness.

The thing is, she succeeded at being what her father wanted her to be for so long and the ghost of being a disappointment to him haunted her for so long that she convinced herself this is what she needs.

The thing is, she had been strong for so long that she forgot what being weak feels like. Nor can she afford to be, when everyone else treat her with respect she can’t jeopardize. When she’s top of the chain of command and is held responsible for the lives of everyone under her. She’s the protector, the shield for humanity.

Vulnerability is too much of a luxury for someone like her.



The thing is, she then met John Constantine.

And him, of all people, understand. He crashed through her carefully constructed fortress and teared those thick velvet drapes she hang on her windows. He slither under her defenses and coaxed her candor out of her. And while he would never be her knight in shining armor, his is the hand she put her heart on.

Because more than just listen, he perceived and fathomed her struggle to find a place to come home to. She doesn’t even have to explain why, for he experienced first hand how hard it is to find a “home”. Especially for people like them who were unable to find one in their own bloodlines, and had abandoned all hope after years of fruitless endeavor.


What he might never know, though, is that she had found her home. These past few months, she unknowingly found her home in him. His embrace, his presence, his devotion, his cocky bravado, his wicked sense of humor, and his distinct tobacco scent.

He, is the home she have been searching for and never had she feel as safe and sound as she does when she’s lying awake in her bed, tucked comfortably in his embrace.



And boy, how she long to come home. Even for just one last time.






À la mort,

Prompt: We The Kings’ Promise the Stars.
“But would you risk some broken bones j
ust to call this place home? This could be home.”



An emotionally invested enthusiast of pop culture. Apathetic by design. Aesthetically offensive and eloquently candid. A sentimental heathen.

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