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It’s Civil War, not Ship War

So the long awaited trailer for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is finally out. And while it didn’t broke the internet, it apparently broke people’s brain.

Because in all my social media account, I saw people taking side and defending their side with the fervor that could rival those hardcore supporter of Jokowi and Prabowo back at those election campaign days. And I could bear with them, really. I mean even if I take side and may have showed it a few times through my tweet or Line Post. I even posted an elaborate comment on someone else’s post about my take on the trailer and upcoming movie.

I could even bear with the sudden onslaught of support for Tony and those “asshole apologist” who came out of the woodwork. Even if their defensive stance and how the way they portray him as an innocent victim doesn’t bode well with me.

But what I really can’t stand is the shipper.

And no, I’m not judging them for having a ship or an OTP. God knows I myself am an avid Stucky shipper and I’ll stand with them to the end of the line,

But I am not turning the movie into a goddamn love triangle story.

Thing is, Civil War is not New Moon. Heck, it isn’t even Hunger Games Trilogy. You can ship Stony or Stucky to the end of the earth but you still have to deal with the fact that THEY ARE NOT CANON. They’re our ship, our imaginary take on their relationship, and they are not. real.

Yes, there are a lot of Steve-Bucky in Civil War. Yes, there will be broken Steve-Tony in there. Yes, their – all three of them – relationship would be intertwined and there would be a heck lot of emotional strains. And yes, maybe it would eventually come down to whether Steve choose to be in Tony’s side or Bucky’s side. MAYBE.

But there are so much more to Civil War than just whether or not Steve choose Bucky over Tony or Tony over Bucky. Civil War is supposed to be about government trying to restrict and control the superhero. It’s supposed to be about accountability and whether or not you can trust any authority with such huge power. It, just like The Winter Soldier, is suppose to have a hidden depth about politics and espionage and gray morality where you can never tell for sure who’s right or wrong.


It is so much more than a ship war.


And honestly, I really wish people would stop portraying this movie as “Steve leaving his boyfriend Tony now that his old boyfriend Bucky is back” or “a divorce between Steve and Tony”. Because I’m sick of it.


A ship is like a penis. It’s good if you have one, but when you start shoving it down my throat without a consent, then we have a problem.





À la mort,

I do stand with Cap (and Bucky), but I’m not blind. And here’s that little argument I posted on Line.












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