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It’s not something that he had never seen before, really. Steve with another girl, contrary to popular belief, is not a strange sight for him. But never, before, had anyone look at his Steve with such intensity and blatant interest. Nor did Steve ever paid any of them any heed. He have Bucky, why would he need them?

But this Peggy Carter is something else, and she ignited something in Steve that Bucky thought is reserved for him and him only.

What happened during the last few months when he was gone? Was he that replaceable? Is it actually that easy for Steve to find someone else and fill the empty shoes he left?

But Steve is happy. Smiling that shy smile of his whenever she’s around, and she sees him for what he is worth and not just his newly acquired godly form.

One that Bucky would never get to explore.


He realises, with a start, that he had lost his Steve the moment he lowered his salute and walk away that night in Stark Expo. This Steve, this new Steve Rogers and Captain America, is Peggy Carter’s.

And he had no choice but to let go, blend in the background and disappear without a trace.


Allowing him Steve to have the happiness he always deserves.




À la mort,

Prompt: Bruno Mars’ When I Was Your Man
“Now my baby’s dancing, but she’s dancing with another man.”



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