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I’ve just experienced the best high of my life.

And it was novel, nearly incomparable, and not even my latest sweet escape could come close.

I honestly am having trouble to find the proper word to describe what I’ve felt throughout the day. It wasn’t exhilarating or mind blowing, and the only reason it left me breathless was because I laughed too much I’m a liner away from dislocating my jaw.

This time, there were no adrenaline rush from stolen embraces or pushing my boundaries just a little too far. No heart pounding pleasures or bittersweet satisfaction from conceding to moments of weakness. Nor were there any melancholy stain or traces of misplaced affections.

This particular high was a product of pure endorphin and proper dose of euphoria, enhanced by warmth from what one of the most important people in my life describe as “a healthy circle”. I was surrounded by friends who never ran out of ways to have fun and make me laugh. It was a day filled with daddy jokes, making a fool out of ourselves, devilishly tempting each other to spend more money on fandom stuffs, and just…let loose.

To put it simply, today could only be described in two words (which, unfortunately, have no English equivalent): gesrek dan receh.

Never before I’ve had so much fun in the con, and it was a perfect combination of spending time with friends and loitering around to shop. All the merchandises were worthy of my tears, the panels were well crafted and fangasmic – at least according to my friends who went. I decided to opt out because, well, I didn’t know that much about them since I’m not that much of a geek…yet, and the overall atmosphere was just top notch. Especially during the DJ session. I didn’t even need to be on the dance floor to feel the rave, and we had just as much fun dancing by ourselves on our booth.

Sure, I didn’t take that much pictures and attended none of the panel aside from parts of the cosplay contest, and I did spent more time doing nothing on Mordor’s Kitchen instead of making rounds and scrutinising each and every available booth. But it was such a joyful experience, one that I wouldn’t trade with anything in the world. I got to be around people who made me expect nothing but gave me a handful of delights, people who responded to my first attempt to don back the looks I’ve abandoned for years with well-meant compliments, and people who made me feel like everything’s alright.

But I guess, the best part of this high is how gently it let me down.

I didn’t come crashing down from the height the way I did after my latest escape, and I didn’t dreaded going back to real world as much. Because these past two days, the Kentet Con, was a part of real life as much as every other day is. It was just a much happier days, and definitely one of my best weekends. Plus, and this is the ultimate perks of internet friends, is that I know we won’t expire just because this weekend has come to an end. On the contrary, I dare to believe this is just the beginning and Kenteters will be another group of internet friends that won’t just be a constant presence in my life, but will spice up my days and make it a whole better.

This, is what a healthy and supportive circle supposed to be like, a friendship that is worth fighting for.

If Beringas Fandom is the circle that saved my life, Kenteters is the circle that turned my life around and got me realising there’s so much more than just one circle of friendship.

And that I will always have this silly, easily excitable, and hyper creative trashy people with questionable sense of humor as a place to come back to, because they will always welcome me with open arms and cheer me up with their newest batch of daddy jokes and inane puns.





À la mort,

A goodbye had never felt this light, because I know for sure that we’ll meet again. So, see you when I see you, Kenteters!



An emotionally invested enthusiast of pop culture. Apathetic by design. Aesthetically offensive and eloquently candid. A sentimental heathen.

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