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Thinking Out Loud

He doesn’t believe in love.

Or to be exact, he doesn’t believe in what people describes as love – all those fireworks when you kissed, the dramatic realization of being in love when you almost made a mistake of marrying someone else, the cheesy confession with roses and candles, the romantic getaway on a cruise in the middle of nowhere, all those romanticized perception – he never believed in that.

Love is enigmatic, yes, but it’s not a grand awakening.

For he fell in love in the simplest way, to the silhouette of his best friend on the driver’s seat during their way back home.

He fell in love to his best friend’s relaxed posture and the way they both sing along to Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud – despite him claiming that it is an over-hyped cheesy love song.

He fell in love in the comfortable silence as they drive through the night, as their fingers shyly intertwined.

“Your hand should be on the steering wheel,” he remarked, and his best friend burst into a mirth of laughter.

“The road is empty. We’ll be alright.”

And even though he loathe people’s dismissal towards road safety, he believed those three small words.

They’ll be alright, and it matters more to him than an ostentatious “I love you”.





À la mort,

Prompt: Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.
“I’m thinking out loud, that maybe we found love right where we are.”



An emotionally invested enthusiast of pop culture. Apathetic by design. Aesthetically offensive and eloquently candid. A sentimental heathen.

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