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My dear Atlas,

You caught me off guard.

I just reached home after watching NYPCO and dinner and I logged onto Line because my phone is dead and the first thing I saw was your chat. It says:

“btw aldebaran u know what i love you
gaada alesan apa apa sih cuma pengen bilang aja”

And it rendered me speechless in the best way.

You see, I’m a very frank person and I never have trouble speaking what I think or feel out loud. I like to randomly say that I miss someone or that I love someone. Out of the blue, just because I feel like it.

But to be on the receiving end is something that I don’t experienced often and you, you caught me off guard with that frank confession and oh bae maybe it isn’t actually a confession – because someone once told me that people like us, we said I love you so very often because that’s just how we fandom people talk – but it doesn’t change the fact that those two simple sentences made me so happy I can’t stop grinning like a little kid.

And I just think that you should know because I haven’t been this giddy for quite some time.

If we were on Skype you’d see for yourself just how affected I am – and I know lo bakal bilang gue baper but what can I say, it’s on the job description – but since we aren’t, I’d settle for this post. Hopefully it’ll keep you awake.



Oh and btw, bae?

I love you too.



À la mort.

Your Aldebaran.



An emotionally invested enthusiast of pop culture. Apathetic by design. Aesthetically offensive and eloquently candid. A sentimental heathen.

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