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Narcissus and the net

Ada yang tahu mitologi Yunani tentang Narcissus? Narcissus adalah seorang pemburu Yunani yang super ganteng, dan ternyata agak heartbreaker gitu deh. Tipe-tipe PHP yang bangga dengan kelakuannya itu. Menyadari hal ini, Nemesis, dewi balas dendam, memutuskan untuk menghukum Narcissus. Dia memandu Narcissus ke sebuah sungai, di mana saat Narcissus hendak minum, ia melihat bayangan dirinya di air dan langsung jatuh cinta. Iya ceritanya Narcissus emang seganteng itu, dan jaman dulu juga kan gak ada cermin jadi Narcissus kayaknya gak tau bentuk dia kayak apa. Pada akhirnya, Narcissus yang sudah terlanjur jatuh cinta sama refleksinya sendiri itu mati karena dia gak mau dan gak bisa meninggalkan sungai. Some story even said kalau Narcissus menenggelamkan diri agar dia bisa terus bersama dengan refleksinya itu. Cerita soal Narcissus ini lah yang menjadi awal mulai terbentuknya istilah narcissism atau narsisme, alias kecintaan berlebih terhadap diri sendiri.

And frankly, we are all Narcissus in this modern world.

In the post before, I talked about how we social media user voluntarily share private information about ourselves on the net. Semakin rajin nge-tweet atau nge-share informasi di socmed, semakin eksis kita di dunia maya. Masalahnya, sadar gak sadar informasi yang kita bagi itu semakin lama semakin self-centered. We talk about what we’re doing, what we like, who we’re with, and stuff. In general, we talk about ourselves. Ditambah lagi, banyak kan di antara kita yang punya lebih dari satu social media. Facebook and twitter is sort of a given, and there’s also instagram, path, atau youtube account yang di-link ke twitter jadi followers twitter kita bisa tahu video apa yang terakhir kita tonton dan terakhir kita like. It’s a part of our daily life now, sharing things about ourselves via social media. Why? Because 1) we love ourselves and 2) we need attention. Jujur ajalah, setiap tweet yang kita kirim itu kan partly dibuat untuk menarik perhatian orang lain. We found comfort on every like, every mention, every retweet, and every favorites. We love it when people seems to be interested on the information about ourselves, because in extend that would mean they like us. 

Welcome to digital narcissism.

Pertama kali diucapkan oleh Andrew Keen, digital narcissism adalah “a self-promotional madness driven by our need to continually manufacture our own fame to the world”. He thinks we’re forming a dangerous form of digital narcissism, where we only want to hear conversations with ourselves and those like us. (You can found his book “The Cult of the Amateur” on libgen).

And let’s be honest, he’s right. Even now, as we scroll through our twitter feed, we’re rolling our eyes when we read others’ tweets. “Show off,” we might think. Or “Hypocrite”, ketika kalian membaca tweet pencitraan dari teman kalian. Bukan tidak mungkin juga kalian merasa kesal dan terganggu setengah mati sama tweet orang-orang tertentu karena bertentangan dengan pendapat kalian, hingga akhirnya mendorong kalian untuk unfollow – atau mute kalau gak bisa unfollow karena alasan pertemanan – akun tersebut. We’re shaping our timeline into things that interest us, we’re shaping our feeds so it only shows things that we like or that we agreed upon.

Face it, we’re becoming more and more self-centered as time goes on, and the internet is encouraging us to do so.

Am I telling you to quit doing so? No, because I know first hand that it’s easier said than done, and besides that would make a hypocrite out of me. I’m one of those self-centered people on the social media, though as of now I’m still adamant to stick with just twitter and occasional tumblr visit. But I’m one of the many Narcissus in the net.

But I’m currently trying to get off the riverside and leave the enchanting reflection of myself in the water.

Are you?



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2 thoughts on “Narcissus and the net

  1. I personally think that self-loving or self-centered-ness is inherent in everyone. The internet is just a tool that show us what we really are. People love attention, even the so-called introverts (but the form of it probs way different), and it’s just easier to get them now that we have internet compared to when we can only get them through crowds or mainstream media.

    And being self-centered is not a sin! 😛 It is natural for everyone to be attracted to things that resonate with them, doncha think?

    So while I agree that we are all narcissus and internet does encourage us to continue to be so, internet is not the only one to blame. 😀

    1. True that, internet and social media especially is just a tool that help us getting all the attention we needs, and to show how much we love ourselves. Internet is not not the only one to blame, because I personally think that the blame lies in the users :p

      Because after all, the internet is just a tool and how you use it is entirely your choice 😉

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