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Two Months Well Spent

So, holiday is finally, officially started

(Iya, gue baru mendarat di Jogja kemaren dan liburan gue baru dimulai sekarang. Anti mainstream banget, memang)

Reason? Gue habis magang. Di Trans TV (Sebut merek ini. Bodo amat lah, sekali-kali doang kan)

And it has been a very pleasant experience.

Learning new things, starting from scratch on something I’ve never get my hand on before (and got acknowledged for it – what can I say, who doesn’t like hearing good things about oneself?), meeting new people, writing something that is not fiction and in no way is related to my life or preferences (and to get those writings acknowledged. One of the best feeling in the world, ISTG), and so on.

But mostly, it’s the people.

To be very honest, I don’t get out that much. I’m not the type to mingle and I’m not really inclined to join any organization at UI or FISIP (the reason being I missed out the recruitment for the organization that I want the most – twice. And got rejected when I actually tried the recruitment for the other one. Yes, it’s been months and I’m over it, but what can I say, I’m a sore loser so… MEH)

And though I’m content with the little amount of people I called friends, I do have to admit that life has been kind of dull lately.

So this whole internship thing has been a very much welcomed change, with me going out of my comfort zone and actually meeting new people.

And I had fun. A heck load of fun, even.

It feels good to actually talk with new people and get to know them. Those people who had not the slightest idea of who I am and what I actually like (sure, I met new people at IndoMerWhoLock Gathering. Bonded with River, Nicky, Mongga, and Ratih, even. But it’s not that surprising, since we all are, after all, fangirls. And it’s also a given that the truth didn’t stay hidden for far too long with them while these people have not the faintest idea of what’s running around inside my head). And their opinion and expectation of me will surely be different from what I used to get before, for I only met them after I decided to wear veil (which, to be honest, help me maintain my behavior – and dignity. At least I’m not that foul-mouthed around them. And more than often I keep my unholy thoughts to myself)

It also help that these people are just so different from those I usually hang out with. With different ways of thinking, different concerns, different lifestyle, different interests… well, they’re simply different. And it’s refreshing. Sure, I mostly keep to myself at first – being the introvert that I am – but they’re just so open and nice and now I’m quite fond of them, and is quite pleased to know (and hope) that I at least befriended some of them (enough so that it would last).

True, those two months have some agitating and even madly embarrassing moments (cough, cough). It also done quite harm to my savings (because I’m such an impulsive spender) and phone credits (courtesy of a lengthy phone call with a certain River Song in a certain Saturday afternoon because stalking Jokowi’s house turns out to be a very boring job – more so because the companion is not actually one to notice (or care) that my boredom was as bad as Sherlock’s and I might actually start shooting people had I got a gun on my disposal… just for the fun of it #anarkis). It also plagues my mind with certain thoughts I’d rather get rid of. And hell it plants more doubts on my “what I’d like to do in the future” plan (which, actually, is non-existent because I still have no idea about what I want to do in the future. Fuck me, right?)

But at the same time it was fun. A lot of things happened and yet it all seems worth telling (I could actually spend hours talking about it). It knocked some senses into my head too. Being around new people and adapting with a whole new environment made me see how lucky I actually am for having such good friends that accept me the way I am. And living alone for far too long made me appreciate other’s presence and companion. (It also is a good thing that my eyes finally had some decent people to look at aside of those on my screens because god knows how…deserted my college is). Those two months are worth remembering and when I do, I do it with a smile on my face.

And well, most of all, it manages to tweak some color into my otherwise dull life. And it proven to be a very good distraction to keep me off the screens and actually get a life – sort of.

So thanks, really, for the pleasant experiences and nice memories. It was two months well spent.


Erlita Putranti,

Oh, and there was this certain person that reminds me a lot of a certain swindler, and I can’t help but to find it very… amusing, to say the least 😉



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