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Of Homophobia and Lord Voldemort

So I happen to stumble upon this article on @thejakartaglobe. And I can‘t help but to cringe in disgust.
Because It‘s wrong on so many level.
Innocent people die for a crime they did not commit while the real criminal – those killer and rapist and whatnot – run free, thinking they’re some kind of saint or savior.

Then it reminds me of something.
Of the infamous Harry Potter‘s villain Lord Voldemort and his obsession towards blood purity.

Really, though.

Voldemort think that being mudblood is a crime.
These people think LGBT is a crime.
Voldemort and his Death Eater enforce their belief to the magical community by force, making such unfathomable law about “mudblood stealing magic“ and thus making it okay to punish and kill mudblood.
These governments create laws that deem homosexuality illegal, and thus encouraging their people to do such things as “hate-crime“ and “corrective rapes“.

The worst thing?
Both support the act of violence as a way to “correct the society“, and both endorse a very discriminative-narrow-minded way of thinking.

In a way, it legitimate any kind of verbal and physical abuse.
The corrective rape. Bullying a kid in school because he/she is too quiet or too poor. Using your own child as a punching bag because “they wasn’t good enough“.

And with all the sad and horrifying stories about physical abuse, killing, rape, discrimination, or simply any other violence that keep reoccurring all over the world…
And living in a country that’s supposed to be tolerant and yet filled with people doing violence in the name of their beliefs, where discrimination happened everywhere, where law is just a telltale and the government’s filled with greedy politicans…


No wonder I lost my faith in humanity and end up being apathetic


Erlita Putranti,

If apathy is a crime, then I sure as hell am guilty



An emotionally invested enthusiast of pop culture. Apathetic by design. Aesthetically offensive and eloquently candid. A sentimental heathen.

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