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Rejection Sucks

It feels like someone just throw everything you’ve worked so hard for and say, “No, you’re not good enough.”

It feels like hearing voices that belittles you and your abilities

It feels like you just bare your dreams and hopes to someone just to have him laughing at you


But more than anything, I guess it sucks because right there and then, you sort of realize that you were never good enough.

It makes you look around and then stagger backward because suddenly everyone is just so much better than you


And at the end of the day, it got you doubting yourself

And it’s just too damn hard to trust yourself again


Because, hey, if one rejection sucks, two in row can certainly got you curling up and cry your hearts out

Especially when you have wanted both and finally, you gather enough will and confidence to try

Just to end up failing




Erlita Putranti,

I know that when one door closes another one open. But for the time being, all I can see is a failure sign hanging over my head



An emotionally invested enthusiast of pop culture. Apathetic by design. Aesthetically offensive and eloquently candid. A sentimental heathen.

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