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It’s a lame birthday gift, I know

Sekitar dua tahun yang lalu, gue nemu sebuah account twitter dengan nama @radithaf

Tweetnya bagus dan seringkali #jleb, dan rasanya kayak nemu temen senasib

Jadilah gue follow dia, dia follow gue, dan kita mulai kenalan

Ternyata… dia anak temen kuliahnya ayah gue

What a small world eh?


Gue inget banget kita mulai sering ngobrol di twitter, terus akhirnya mulai ke ym dan smsan

Frekuensi smsan gue sama dia somehow udah menyerupai orang pacaran

Dan lucunya, salah satu temen gue beneran ngira gue pacaran sama dia, karena username twitternya dia kayak cowok


Gue inget yang mendekatkan gue sama dia adalah fakta bahwa waktu itu kita sama – sama punya crush di anak 2010

Dengan inisial yang sama dan tanggal ulang tahun yang berdekatan

Dan indahnya, kita sama – sama korban unrequited love

The only difference is that she moved on, while I’m stuck (sekarang gue udah move on kok, sumpah)


Gue inget banget pertama kali kita janjian buat ketemuan di depan SMP 5

Dan kata pertama yang dia ucapin adalah “Hai cewek”

Dengan nada dan ekspresi nggathel yang udah jadi trademarknya dia (dasar preman nggathel)


After that, we hang out a lot

Ngafe, jalan – jalan, karaokean, atau cuma leyeh – leyeh di rumah gue atau rumah dia

We talk about all sort of things

And it feels like I know her my whole life,

when in reality it’s just two short years (sekitaran itu kan ya? I’m bad at dates, seriously)


Yang belom cuma satu. Sampe sekarang gue sama dia belom pernah nonton

(yang cuma berdua, nonton Colombiana gak masuk itungan. Ada setannya #ups)


She helps me get through those dark days of my life

She knows when to be cruel, stab me with her venomous words

To make me realize that it’s time I let go of those empty hope

And face reality


I was there when she got head over heels for a certain someone

That makes me choke on my drink when I found out

I was there when she experience what I’ve been through

And honestly, she handle it better than me (#mulaidepresi)


She was there everytime I feel down

And instead of console me or give me nice words

She scold me -,-

But still, I know it’s her way of showing her affection to me


Now I’m happy for her, for it seems like she found someone else *gatel pengen nulis account twitter seseorang*

And it seems like he can make her happy

Udahlah, jadian aja sana (semua orang kasih birthday wish ini kan? :P)


Sejujurnya, gue sama sekali gak bisa bayangin

Gimana jadinya kalo gue gak pernah kenal dia

Gak temenan sama dia

Gak pernah tau dan merasakan punya sahabat

Se-awesome, se-unik, se-gahar, se-nggathel, dan se-absurd makhluk berjudul Raditha Firza


You know, you’re such an awesome person

And I envy you, a lot

Eventhough your life is imperfect, and I know in some ways I’m luckier than you

Still I envy you


For you could still be your unique self

One that so strong, nothing can break you

One that so mature, I feel like I’m just a kid around you

One that doesn’t give a damn about people, when they can’t accept her

One that have this extremely comfortable presence that just being around her make me feel at ease

One that I know I can’t live without

(wait, it started to sound like a confession)

Cut to the chase, you are awesome and irreplaceable


So I know it’s late

And I know it’s lame

But this is the only thing I can do to make up for my absence in your 18th birthday (and for nearly forgetting the date, mixed it up with someone else’s *sembah – sembah minta ampun*)






Y’know that I love you, and you’re my best friend in the world right? 🙂



PS : I hope this makes you tears up like you did when you read my birthday wish 😛



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