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The Soloist : Life has a mind of it's own

Director : Joe Wright

Writer : Susannah Grant

Released on : April 2009 (USA)

Casts : Jamie Foxx, Robert Downey Jr, Catherine Keener, Nelsan Ellis

Awal awal nonton film ini, pasti bakal mikir ini film tentang apa to kok ga jelas banget. Yah, bagian awalnya emang lebih kayak perkenalan ke tokoh utama yaitu Steve Lopez, penulis di L.A. Times

The story begins when he walks in one part of the city, and he met this man, playing Beethoven’s songs using violin with only two strings very beautifully. His interest began when he found out that this man, Anthony Nathaniel Ayers Jr, was once a Juilliard student

Steve pun mencari berita tentang Nathaniel, di mana kita dibawa flashback ke masa kecilnya Nathaniel, dan dia nulis tentang itu di kolom korannya

Then, when an old woman who got touch by that story give her cello for Nathaniel, the real story began

Well I’m really pleased by this movie. Maybe it’s because I have no expectation about this movie. I don’t even know what’s the story of this movie before I watched it

However, this movie is interesting. Ceritanya ga umum. Who would ever tought a jenius Juilliard student will end up as a homeless in L.A? Twistnya juga oke. Ngeliat gimana Steve berusaha ngehandle Nathaniel yang emosinya labil, konflik di antara mereka, serta gimana perkenalan Steve dengan Nathaniel mempengaruhi hidup Steve lebih dari yang dia kira, bener bener fun

Dan satu lagi yang bagus dari film ini, disini kita disuguhin permaenan biola, cello, dan bahkan orkestra yang beneran bagus. And I like it šŸ˜€ The orchestra scene and the Juilliard part kinda remind me to August Rush though :p

It also has a nice happy ending, though it’s not as happy as I want :p

However, alurnya film ini agak lambat, even I got a little bored while watched it. Dan saat saat harus dengerin Nathaniel babbling, though it is one of important thing about Nathaniel, I found it a little annoying. Hha

Dan tumben tumbenan, aku tidak menemukan satupun karakter yang menarikĀ buatkuĀ di film ini. Kenapa? Karena tokoh utamanya dua duanya But maybe, that’s what makes the story feels so real

Steve Lopez : I can tell you that by witnessing Mr. Ayers’s courage, his humility, his faith in the power of his art, I’ve learned the dignity of being loyal to something you believe in. Of holding onto it, above all else. Of believing, without question, that it will carry you home.

Cerita : 8 /10

Setting : 8/10

Ending : 7,5 / 10

Overall : 7,8 / 10

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