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The Brothers Bloom


The Brothers Bloom talk about Stephen (Mark Ruffalo) and Bloom (Adrian Brody). Waktu kecil, Stephen (diperankan Max Records) merancang sebuah cerita dengan Bloom (diperankan Zachary Gordon) sebagai tokoh utama. Cerita Bloom sukses besar, dan mereka berhasil dapet $30 dari anak2 di kota mereka. Tapi, mereka diusir dari kota itu

Selanjutnya, mereka terkenal sebagai pasangan penipu sukses. Tapi, Bloom merasa ga bahagia. Dan akhirnya dia pergi ninggalin Stephen. 3 bulan kemudian, dengan bantuan Bang Bang (Rinko Kikuchi), cewek Jepang ahli bom yang slama ini bantuin mereka, Stephen berhasil nemuin Bloom, dan dia nawarin Bloom one last con scheme. And so they set to New Jersey.

Rencana Stephen kali ini melibatkan bangsawan cewek muda New Jersey, Penelope (Rachel Weisz). Of course, Bloom and Penelope finally fall for each other. And, it makes Bloom struggles with his loyalties. As the Stephen’s scheme take them into an unexpected situation, Bloom finally have to make his own way after living a fake life since he was 10

Nice story with unexpected twist, and such a beautiful ending 😀

Bloom: Do you feel cheated?
Penelope Stamp: Trick to being cheated is to learn how to cheat.

Stephen: The perfect con is one where everyone involved gets just what they wanted.

Penelope Stamp: This was a story about a girl who could find infinite beauty in anything, any little thing, and even love the person she was trapped with. And i told myself this story until it became true. Now, did doing this help me escape a wasted life? Or did it blind me so I didn’t want to escape it? I don’t know, but either way I was the one telling my own story…


I hope I’ll be the one telling my own story 😀



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